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Dr. Mark has been practicing in the town of Independence, Oregon for over

14 years. The practice has evolved first as a traditional chiropractic office

into a wellness center. Dr. Mark is one to question 'Why' something does

not work or function the way it is supposed to. Learning is an every day

occurrence at Intuitive Wellness Center, whether it is the patient or Dr. Mark.

The complexity of the body drives the need to learn. Where is the area of

disconnect? Why the body twisting a certain way? Why does a wrist

adjustment relieve a back spasm. Dr. Mark's learning has been focused lately on Balance. Balance of the whole whether it be muscle, organ, nerves or structure, all have to be in balance. There is further understanding into energy of the body. All cells emit energy this is science proven. But as cells become dysfunctional so does the energy. Dr. Mark Has just started his training in Reiki Healing. Thus bringing an additional understanding and healing to Intuitive Wellness Center.


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